RCA Commercial Electronics is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of new, energy-efficient LED lighting products.

Why RCA?

With a history of innovation and the following benefits, our LED lighting system has been a leading lighting solution for many industries and businesses.

RCA has been a prominent technology leader since the beginning of television. We have been creating innovations in the electronics industry since 1939.

RCA has a history of being the first in the industry. We invented the first blue light-emitting diode (LED)*, made the world's first radio broadcast, black and white television, color television, video cassette recorder, satellite broadcast to the consumer market, and the first MP3 player.

RCA is an expert on back-lighting TV screens using the latest power supply and circuit board designs. We introduced modern LED products in 2012, using our decades of experience to produce groundbreaking, low-voltage light fixtures.

RCA is getting better each year, creating new, brighter and more-efficient LED lighting technology. Our line of flat panel LED lighting fixtures is taking the fluorescent lighting replacement market by storm!

RCA has lighting fixtures in numerous hospitals, universities, restaurants, warehouses, shipping facilities, and everything in between. We can make your life brighter.


The RCA Difference

Slide between the before and after photos of our recent Flat Panel installation.

Modified Image LED
Original Image Flourescent

*Little-Known Fact

Almost two decades before the Nobel Prize in Physics for blue LED was won, Herbert Paul Maruska of RCA had already turned on an LED that glowed blue.

Source: IEEE, world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity