Sensor Connect FAQs

Where can I download the app?

You can download from our website:
Or by going to the Play Store and searching ‘RCA Sensor Connect’

What devices are compatible with the Sensor Connect app?

We highly recommend devices with Android 11 or newer, however the minimum requirements for the app are Android 4.4.

What is the easiest and quickest way to Commission?

Here is a link to our Commissioning Tutorial Videos. The video series will help make this decision as all projects have different requirements.

Are there Tutorial Videos for the setup?

Yes, we have many videos available and are continuously working on more.




How many devices can be added within a Location/Group?

50 total devices can be added within a Group. This can include 50 lights or 1 switch and 49 lights.

Can you create a custom Profile?

Yes. To do this open the Sensor Connect App>Manage>Profile Manager>select your Building> tap +Add, then enter the Profile name and configure your custom profile

How do I edit the Profile of a Location/Group?

Open the Sensor Connect app>Manage>Change Profile>select the Building, then the Location>from here you can select an existing profile OR you can change the configurations to fit your needs, be sure to change the name of the new Profile>Save

Is uploading a floorplan required to commission within the Sensor Connect app?

No, uploading a floorplan is not required to commission. However, it is a great visual and can help organize your project when commissioning.

What is the difference between a ‘Location’ and a ‘Group’?

A Group is essentially a commissioned Location that has been commissioned. With that said, you can have two Groups within one Location if you have a 2 group switch.

What does ‘Set as Master’ mean?

If a device is set as a Master, this means the device controls the daylight harvesting of the group.

What is the difference between Online and Offline Commissioning?

Offline Commissioning essentially controls the Preparation of the project. This is where you will build out floors, locations, and customize/set Profiles.
Online Commissioning is the ‘configuring’ or ‘setting’ of the devices. This is where you will connect the lights and switches and place them in the specific locations.

How do I transfer my project to a different tablet?

You can do so by following these steps:
1.      On your current Device, locate and tap the three dots associated with the Building you wish to transfer> Share
2.      Email the .zip file to the email associated with the NEW tablet
§  Do NOT change the file name
3.      Open the email and download the .zip file on the new device
§  Do Not change the file name
4.      On the new tablet open the tablet’s Settings>Storage>Files>Downloads, you should see the .zip file here
§  Note: the Files tab location may differ from device to device, you may need to research where you ‘Files’ folder is located
5.      Tap and hold the .zip file>then tap the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner> tap Move to
6.      Locate and tap the LGLightingProjects folder> tap Move
7.      Open the Sensor Connect app on the NEW device> Tap Commission> tap the Import icon
8.      Select the project .zip file and press ok
9.      You should now see your building available