Our clients have a lot to say about the benefits of RCA LED lighting.

Client Testimonials

[RCA lights] really help us see a lot when shade matching & creating a good, aesthetic result. I definitely recommend them, they make the whole room brighter.


Dr. Craig Ball


The new RCA LEDs were a fantastic move. Everything is 100x brighter, colors are more vivid and brighter. The switch has been one of the best things we’ve done.


Bob Workman

Owner of Brown's Flooring

The RCA LEDs, in my opinion, are the best and definitely the way to go. I would highly encourage anyone to [switch from fluorescent to LED].


Troy Stanton

Owner of Lizton Sunoco

RCA LED lights were much brighter than fluorescents. The RCA LEDs also use a lot less energy, and the amount of light they output is incredible.


Chad Kelley

IMI Corporate Office

I have worked in the electrical field over twenty years, and I can say that the RCA LED line has been the absolute best lighting product I have ever installed.

Shane Grayson

Facilities Management Supervisor

RCA far exceeded our expectations… The doctors liked the RCA flat panel LEDs so well that we are now installing the lights everywhere that we can.

Joe Haywood

Facilities Manager